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Workshop: ASCE INSPIRE Workshop on Nature Based Solutions (NbS)

EST Friday, November 17, 2023

This workshop will be held at the Hyatt Regency, in the Tidewater 2.

Open to all conference attendees

View Workshop Agenda (.PDF)

This Workshop on NbS, to be hosted on November 17th at the ASCE INPSIRE Conference is designed to scoping session to determine what guidance is needed to support sound engineering design, to develop manuals of practice, performance standards, and training curricula on the topic of natural and nature-based infrastructure solutions. These solutions are deployed in a network/systems context to ensure appropriate and effective applications that work together with conventional infrastructure to strengthen the overall infrastructure system.

Natural and nature-based infrastructure includes river floodplains, setback levees, forested water supply, watersheds, freshwater and coastal wetlands, living shorelines, dune and beach systems, living breakwaters and reefs, as well as landscape level interactions among these features and with conventional infrastructure.

Nature based solutions (NbS) are sustainable planning, design, environmental management and engineering practices that weave natural features or processes into the built environment to promote adaptation and resilience.

Nature-based infrastructure solutions can produce a wide range of economic, social and environmental  benefits, including:

  • Reduced damages related to coastal and inland storms;
  • Support for jobs related to fisheries, wildlife, food and fiber production, and tourism;
  • Recreational opportunities and improved public health;
  • Enhanced water and air quality, carbon storage; and
  • Habitat for valued species.

Effective application of nature-based infrastructure solutions also supports sustainable development by:

  • Reducing risks to existing transportation, power, and water infrastructure systems while increasing their functional life span;
  • Increasing regulatory efficiency through effective resolution and inclusion of environmental considerations; and
  • Enhancing resilience by incorporating natural recovery potential as a part of infrastructure systems.

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