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Workshop: Mega City 2070: A Collaborative Exercise in Generating Ideas and Stimulating Conversations on the Distant Future

EST Thursday, November 16, 2023

Held at the Renaissance Arlington Capital View Hotel, one of the INSPIRE conference event venues.

Included in conference registration. 

Ready to experience a glimpse of the future? 

Mega City 2070 digital model, developed as a desktop platform as part of ASCE's Future World Vision initiative, is an effective learning tool that is designed to act as a provocation engine to generate group conversations on the distant future.

The experience through the deeply researched virtual city of the future is designed not only to present a narrative of future possibilities in a visually immersive environment, but to stimulate the user to ask questions they wouldn’t otherwise ask, discuss topics they wouldn’t otherwise discuss, and engage in conversations on the future of cities. This highly interactive session features live group participation in Mega City 2070, as attendees take a journey through the virtual city, take a live vote on the paths that they want to navigate, immerse in the experience and topics, and stop at various street corners for a moderated group discussion on the technical, social, environmental, and financial impact of the processes and technologies behind the city of the future.

Interested in a preview of a more sustainable, resilience, equitable future? View it now:

FWV Video

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